So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that if you start the day by clicking on “Loretta’s Scars” by Pavement and then clicking on the genius button, iTunes will deliver a playlist that I’m not sure could be more enjoyable.
…that day 1 of 90 is done. I’m already really sore, and I chalk this up to the fact that my almost-43-year-old brain or my almost-43-year-old ego trying to convince my almost-43-year-old body that it was almost 23.
…that I think it’s hysterical that the Super Bowl commercial that won the kudos by the focus groups was the Doritos commercial where the guy had a snow globe & treated it like a crystal ball. The reason I think it’s hysterical is that the commercial was done by two guys who entered a Doritos-sponsored contest to make their Super Bowl commercial. So much for pricey ad agencies, huh?
…that those two guys are about to start their own pricey ad agency.
…that I need to let anyone know that if you’ll make a restaurant or coffee shop and refrain from overloading the joint with extreme audio/visual stimulation, you’ll have at least one faithful customer for life. Last night, it was less noisy outside on the patio that faced a 6-lane feeder road of a major shopping complex than it was in the store.
…that I’m pretty excited that at least 4 of our former students will be working at Pine Cove camps this summer.
…that at least two of my former students will graduate from seminary in May.
…that I might have trouble finishing as many books as I set out to in my new year’s resolutions. I’ve chosen some heady stuff early on. Very stimulating and good choices, but slow going.
…that I’m wondering what happened to the Dallas Morning News award-winning “religion” section on Saturdays. It kept trickling away and now it’s down to just ads for churches. They’ve also started combining the want-ads with other sections and have decided to share the baseball beat writer with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. I’m guessing the newspaper industry is in real trouble. Talk about an industry that certainly needs creative problem solvers, man.
…that I thought it was funny hearing my daughter say she had to go get ready for her Skype date. For the uninitiated, Skype is a program that allows you to video-chat for free (among several other communication applications), and the younger set uses this feature to connect with friends who are off at college or who’ve moved. And, naturally, dating couples arrange to chat or watch a tv show together or listen to music together. It’s certainly an improvement over scraping 10 minutes on the dorm hall phone or waiting three days for the letter to come/go.
…that I still need to call that guy to fix my hail damaged vehicles. They were so backed up at one point due to a spring storm that we just never got around to it. If I don’t do it soon and arrange an appointment, I’ll forget about it again.
…that this goofy winter with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 60’s every day has juked my crepe myrtles and azalea bushes into thinking they’re supposed to bloom. When am I supposed to prune them without wrecking them?
…that the more I think about it, the more you have to structure yourself and be disciplined in order to be creative.
…that I would’ve hung out and been friends with the characters on How I Met Your Mother over and above the characters on Friends if those were the only two circles to choose from.
…that I’m pretty excited about the new Sunday School series I’m teaching the teenagers that starts this Sunday.
…that I’ve got a lot of meetings and such going on today, so I need to get to it.