There’s Really Only One Thing To Talk About Today

It’s the higher-order life-liver sister Jilly’s birthday today! Whoo Hooo!

And, yes, we could do the normal “let’s all celebrate by” and say things like finish your college degree after 17 years of trying or sportin’ the bump or using a label maker on everything or drinking great wine or selling your airplane or being a great hostess or even listening to Adam Ant while using Anbesol in a Camaro Berlinetta. But, let’s be honest. After no less than four entries over the years here at The Diner and, well, we’ve covered them all.

So, today, I dug into the archives and pulled out some old photographs for a retrospective entitled, “Higher Order Life Living: The Development of a Lifestyle.”

Jilly, with Bisty in 1979. This officially makes her exotic dancer name “Bisty Childress.” Ever played that game?

Jilly & me, with Mama Jeannie in the background, circa 1977. Notice the spice rack rockin’ in our kitchen:

Jilly and my cousin Sherry Lynn in Panama City Beach in 1976.

My 9th birthday in 1975. I have no idea why my cousins Scott & Sherry Lynn were a part of us trying to look like some sort of rock band getting on our album cover:

Easter, 1974. Apparently, my mother had issues with framing the subjects. However, you can check out the view from our den. Notice the sweet paneling and the extra long phone cord so we could talk on the phone in three different rooms. You can also check out the refrigerator color, which, incidentally, Tracy and I had a fridge with the same color until 2 years ago.

Jilly at Navarre Beach in 1973. My grandfather used to rent a beach house for me and all my aunts, uncles, and cousins. She was 2 and a half:

Easter, 1972. Notice the sweet Buick LaSabre my parents rocked back in the day:

Same day, with my dad. Notice the sweet brick house in Fairfield, Alabama:

Thanksgiving Day, 1971. Jilly 10 months old. Notice the sweet chair and me, as usual, rockin’ the football jersey.

Happy Birthday, Jilly!