Monday Morning Update

The week upcoming: It should be a somewhat normal week. I mean, the regular slate of meetings and Bible studies. Our church does have our winter Bible conference coming up, too, but all I have to do for that is show up. So that’s a diversion but doesn’t require much extra work for me. Also, our student ministry will be having a gathering for the Super Bowl at a teen’s house, which is always fun because they cheer or boo the commercials as they see fit. It’s very funny.

Where I am at the moment: Settling into a groove. The slow start out of the blocks of the new year seems to have given way to normalcy…especially since our big to-do for Pine Cove is behind us. My weeks now hit a normal stride. Meetings on Tuesday, with mid-school Tuesday night. Bible study on Wednesday night. No meeting this Thursday or Friday. Normal chores of driving the ballerinas and stuff. I function well in the groove.

On my to-do list this week: Hockey game Tuesday night! Bible conference this weekend.

Procrastinating about: Getting going on the home workout system I ordered with some Christmas money. Go time is next Monday and I haven’t even read the material to see about the diet system and extra stuff I’ll need to pick up.

Book I’m in the midst of: I’m actually in the middle of two. Revolutionary Road by Yates and God in the Dock by Lewis. I can read two books at a time if one’s fiction and one’s along the lines of my work. I can’t read two at a time if they’re of the same category…like two fiction or two work related. For some reason that just doesn’t work for me.

Music that seemed to catch my attention this past week: I got this new free ringtone maker and have been listening to songs that remind me of friends so the songs are all over the map. Hip-hop for most of my teenage students, glam rock for others, UB40, Ramones, Stones, Velvet Underground. It’s really eclectic this week.

Next trip: Vegas with my smokin’ hot trophy wife in three weeks.

How I’m feeling about this week: I’ve mentioned before about the undertoad. It’s a reference that author John Irving used in The World According to Garp. See, Garp, as a child, misunderstood his parents on a trip to the ocean when they warned him not to go in the water because of the undertow. He thought they said “Undertoad” and had a visual of a frog underneath the water that would grab him. He kept that phrase as an adult to describe when he had a sense of apprehension even though things looked calm on the surface. Well things look calm on the surface to me, but my internal radar has issued an Undertoad Warning.