Home Remedies & Near Death Experiences

Last night, my smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wife and I had dinner with friends. One of those deals where we’d been meaning to get together for months with this particular couple and weekends never balanced out. The planets finally aligned and I’m glad we did it.

Anyway, we’re chatting after dinner and two topics wound up bringing the most laughter…

…first, we started discussing how our parents handled sick or injured children. Several home remedies came to the forefront. I couldn’t think of any my mom or dad had except some sort of bleach/water concoction my dad knew about for athletes foot, but that went by the wayside with some sort of spray we bought. I’d heard my paternal grandmother mention some whiskey & honey thing for coughs she’d heat up on the stove, but I never experienced that one and it might just be legend for all I know.

However, there were stories of various cooking aids heated and put in ears for ear infections and letting coughs/colds run their course…

…which then led to the uses of Bactine and Aspergum. Two primary treatment medications of our childhood that we were keenly aware of but didn’t think anybody used anymore.

And the mention of Bactine got us guys going on when our parents used it on us and the ladies were listening to stories of skateboards down hills too big for 11-year-olds, ramping bicycles (to imitate Fonzie jumping the 13 barrels at Arnold’s) with plywood propped on a picnic table and the neighborhood trash cans, and rooftop ignition of G.I. Joe’s hair (back when it was kinda hair, not molded plastic) to simulate parachuting out of shot-down aircraft. The all important Polish Canon was brought up, invovling tennis balls, lighter fluid and tennis ball cans electrical taped together. The ladies mentioned that their playing was a bit more relationally oriented.

…I made the comment that I firmly believe that any guy can rattle off at least five near-death experiences from childhood.

So, here’s where you fit in today, patrons.

First, what, if any, home remedies did your family use–or at least talk about?
Second, is anyone still using Bactine and Aspergum?
Finally, got any near-death experiences you’d like to share?

Have at it, patrons!