So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that while I didn’t care that much that the NFL started their own network, I’ve been watching the Major League Baseball network like crazy and this might seriously cut into my reading time.
…that when a movie trailer starts with the question, “What makes a great date movie?” and then flashes up the words “SEX,” “VIOLENCE,” “TERROR,” “FUN,” and “3D” in between flashes of horror movie violence/gratuitous lingerie shots, well, maybe the last two might get a girl to go on a date with you. I mean, how’s this for an opening line, “I’ve liked getting to know you these last few days, and I’d like to take you to see some SEX, VIOLENCE & TERROR. Maybe grab a bite to eat after that? How’s that sound?”
…that a good way to start the year is by reading a novel that won awards in the 1960’s and some C.S. Lewis.
…that my wife’s work schedule demands that she hire a maid service to clean the house before the in-laws come to town this weekend, and I think it’s funny that the family spends half an hour picking up before they get here.
…that I don’t know much about the skill of flying a commercial airliner, but that guy who landed a plane on the Hudson River was pretty darn impressive to the untrained eye.
…the proposal before Congress to make talking on mobile phones while driving illegal in our country, well, that seems like a slam dunk.
…that the Texas Rangers don’t seem to do anything right on or off the field. Yet, I’m guessing 3 million folks’ll show up again this season.
…that I can’t blame any college student for turning professional before their eligibility ends. Universities will always be there. Million dollar signing bonuses won’t.
…that unless you’re 21 and have never been before or on some sort of bachelor party excursion, I don’t understand the allure of a strip club. Yet, I’ve heard Dallas has more of them per capita than any other major city…and it was big news when the largest one in Texas opened yesterday. It is 25,000 square feet. How much demand is there for these places?
…that they’re building some lofts in Dallas designed for folks with a combined income of $75,000. They’ll be ready in three years. So, lemme get this straight. In my price range. We’ll be empty nesters. No yard. No garage. City living. Where’s the downside?
…that our student ministry is off to Pine Cove for our annual No Agenda retreat. It’s a true retreat…no schedule. Only optional “meetings” for study or prayer or whatever. The only requirement is that the kids show up on time to meals. We live in a student ministry age where getting away from hustle & bustle and stress is more valuable to them than paintball, bowling, or anything else we could offer them.
…that because of that, The Diner will be self-serve for two days, and I’ll touch base with all of you on Monday…