Diner Bowl Predictions, Championship Game

Record against Tuesday night’s point spread: 1-0.
Bowl season record against the point spread: 17-16 (can’t lose on the season!).

Today’s Game:

BCS Championship Game, Miami, FL: Florida vs. Oklahoma (+4). One thing we’ve learned over the course of this bowl season is that the high-octane Big 12 offenses haven’t been as strong against out-of-conference competition. But the reality is that this is the strongest offense or the bunch. I know the common lines of thought of the experts goes like this: Florida’s team speed (with 12 guys who run a 4.4 40-yard-dash or better) will do what SEC defenses have done to most recent challengers. Meanwhile, OU chokes on the big stage. The conclusion is usually that it’ll be another failure by Stoops & OU. My belief is that the game will go into the fourth quarter like the SEC Championship game, and that’s where the team speed will wear OU out. It should be close, but I think the Gators pull away at the end. Diner Prediction: Florida 31, Oklahoma 24.

Well, that’s it for the college football season!