Photo Project 365, Day 6

Could there be a more audio-visual stimulation than the sports bar/grill?

After dropping Kid2 off for ballet rehearsal, I decided to catch the first half of the Fiesta Bowl at Buffalo Wild Wings near the studio. The place was loaded with Longhorn fans excited about their team making a statement and a few “Hurray-I’m-For-The-Other-Team” folks in Buckeye red. They were all excited, spending money and having a good time hanging out with family and friends. Good vibe.

Anyway, as you can see from the photo, there were 12 televisions that I could see:

What the photo doesn’t show is that there were 3 above the bar directly to my left, and there were 6 more behind me that I could see if I turned around. Granted, the only sound was to the football game most folks were there to see, but it was loud enough to be heard clearly over the din.

So, 21 televisions to possibly view and folks cheering for their team and announcers piped in to keep us all up to speed on what was going on. I only wish I’d stayed for the exciting finish to REALLY experience some audio-visual stimulation, and I didn’t even have an emotional investment in either team!