Bowl Predictions, Day 15

Record after yesterday’s game against the point spread: 0-1. Way to go Texas…just casting more doubt about the Big 12’s ability to do anything against the rest of college football’s defenses.

Bowl season record against the point spread: 16-16.

Today’s game:

GMAC Bowl: Ball State vs. Tulsa (+2.5). Both of these teams hit Mobile with coaching turmoil. Ball State was undefeated and trying to crack into a BCS bowl and lost to Buffalo…and now their head coach has decided not to coach the team as he’s headed to San Diego State. Tulsa, on the other hand, has lost their offensive coordinator (to Auburn) after they’ve led the NCAA in total yardage for two years running. My guess is that since Malzahn is still going to coach the game, the offense will click even if he leaves the next day to recruit for Auburn. I’m also counting on Ball State noticing their coach NOT being on the sidelines and deflated after losing in the MAC championship game. Diner Prediction: Tulsa 38, Ball State 31.

Only one more left!