Bowl Predictions, Day 14

Last day’s record against the point spread: 0-1.
Bowl season record against the point spread: 16-15.

Today’s game:

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Ohio State (+8). When this game was announced, it sounded like the same mismatch the Rose Bowl had. In this case, one of the best teams in a strong conference against the 2nd best team in a weak conference. It seemed like the Longhorns in a rout. Then the Cotton Bowl happened. A hefty defensive line and a strong running game created havoc against a really good football team. And Ohio State reminds me of Ole Miss–not as good as the team they’re playing but a strong running game and a solid defense. A team that wasn’t as good won that game outright. That’s the case here. Texas is simply better and deeper than Ohio State. The problem is that they keep wishing they were in Miami and we all saw what Utah did to a Bama team who didn’t want to be in the Sugar Bowl. I think it’s best to keep intangibles out of it and trust the better team just goes out and wins. Diner Prediction: Texas 35, Ohio State 24.

Can you believe it? Only two to go!