Bowl Predictions, Day 11.

Yesterday’s record against the point spread: 1-4.
Bowl season record against the point spread: 11-11.

Outback Bowl: Iowa vs. South Carolina (+4). This is one I could easily go either way on. Everybody’s been picking Iowa, too. But, they’re both close in defensive rankings, with Iowa at 12 and the Gamecocks at 11. Iowa’s also on a hot streak, winning a lot down the stretch, including against Penn State. The way I see it, if you’re close on defense the team with the better offense should win, and since USC did it against much tougher competition, I’m taking the Old Ball Coach. Diner Prediction: South Carolina 28, Iowa 21.

Konica Minolta Gator Bowl: Clemson vs. Nebraska (+2.5). Nebraska’s Joe Ganz didn’t get much respect this year because he was hurt for a while. It didn’t help that the Big 12 had so many huge quarterbacks, too…but he can play. Clemson won their last three games and seemed to turn it around after Bowden was let go. I think Cullen Harper and James Davis will have a big day for the Tigers, which will give them the advantage in a tight game. Diner Prediction: Clemson 28, Nebraska 24

Capital One Bowl: Georgia vs. Michigan State (+7.5). Georgia is looking to get some redemption from being embarrassed by Tech in the rivalry game. Michigan State simply isn’t as good as advertised. Anyone remember how talented the Dawgs are? Knowshon Moreno & Matthew Stafford should have big days…and if Stafford has one, you can bet Green & Massaquoi will have big days, too. In fact, I think they’ll both have over 100 yards receiving. Diner Prediction: Georgia 35, Michigan State 24.

Citi Rose Bowl: U.S.C. vs. Penn State (+9.5). I’m not sure how Penn State is even this close. It’s been my feeling all year long that they’ve been overrated (much like Alabama…they found ways to win, struggling in games they shouldn’t and then playing above their heads in big games) and, after yesterday, we’re seeing the Big 10 isn’t faring well against national competition. I doubt seriously this game will do much to change things in that regard. Diner Prediction: U.S.C. 38, Penn State 17.

FedEx Orange Bowl: Cincinnati vs. Virginia Tech (+2.5). I can’t believe that anyone associated with the Orange Bowl is happy with this alleged BCS matchup. VaTech will always have the special teams advantage, and I think they’ll have a good defensive advantage as well. Cincinnati can throw the ball well, but they’ve been doing it against Conference USA foes and I think the Hokies will have too much speed and talent to win in a game that should be close for 3 quarters. Look for VaTech to pull away late. Diner Prediction: Virginia Tech 24, Cincinnati 20.

Only 7 more to go…but I need a big finish after a strong start followed by a dismal week. I was 9-5 at one point and 2-6 since.