I Don’t Get Out Much, But When I Do…

My wife’s office Christmas party was held after Christmas (when you’re in retail, you apparently need your staff focused on work and things slow down afterward)…last night to be exact. It’s a small business and it’s really more like good friends getting together and hanging out anyway. Us spouses do what spouses do at these things where our wives all have a connection we don’t share: We try to learn each other’s names and occupations and chat about the Cowboys while our wives cackle and howl. It works.

Anyway, I’m not much for the hip & trendy set. I’m much more at home throwing darts at a microbrew place or eating Italian in my little ‘burb…but one of the joys of the currently small business (they’re on to something that may cause it to explode in the next year) is they can afford to go to places like this:

Oh, man…I highly recommend the 8oz. tenderloin with wasabi pepper sauce.

The boss then suggested we finish the night at Ghost Bar…but they decided to make that a separate function at a later date. I was glad because that would’ve been a little too much hip & trendy for one night and I think my head would’ve exploded.