On Christmas Eve, My Favorite Christmas Carol

I’m not much for “Christmas music.” I think that has more to do with the constant droning of it starting in late November more than any particular song or style. And, don’t get me wrong, I like certain ones done a certain way at Christmas Eve services just like you do.

And, when I used to preach a sermon at Christmas Eve services (I got to do the 4PM, where all the little kids amped on Santa would attend because, well, as the youth pastor, “you’re used to teaching with more chaos.”), Dr. Hal–who was leading worship at that time asked me what my favorite Christmas carol was. It was actually written by some friends of mine and when they sang it at our church a few years back–when their annual Christmas Show tour stopped at my church for two nights–I don’t think I’ve been happier to have heard a song sung from our stage.

It’s by the band Lost and Found…and, like many of their songs, it’s based on words taken directly from the Bible. In this case, Isaiah 9. It’s called “Arise, Shine!”

Arise, Shine! Your light has come.
The people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light.

The Angel said a baby will be born
And you will call his name Immanuel.

He will save the world from its sin.
Open up your heart and let the Christ child in.

Now that I’ve posted their lyrics, which they own, I now owe my friends a nickel (when, actually, they restored my faith in the “Christian” music industry with their unique ministry philosophy and strict avoidance of what they call the “Christian Music Industrial Complex”–not to mention their very polite influences from years of hearing Jethro Tull and the Violent Femmes. So, I owe them a heck of a lot more than a nickel.)

Maybe you could help them out by purchasing their Christmas CD even if it’s not going to help you THIS Christmas, you can get your Femmes-inspired Christmas carols ready for next year. Sorry, you can only buy their “regular” CD’s at iTunes or I’d have you all just download the song there.

Anyway, that’s my favorite Christmas carol, and if I ever get to preach the 4PM service again, maybe I can give the worship team leader way more notice so they can prepare to sing it next time. Apparently, they were hoping for a more mainstream choice by me to play, but I got the sheet music just in case!