Diner Bowl Predictions, Day 4

Yesterday’s record against the point spread: 0-1.
Bowl season record against the point spread: 4-2.

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl: Notre Dame vs. Hawaii (+2). Notre Dame has lost a record 9 straight bowl games. Hawaii is on the decline after the departure of June Jones…so much so that even a 6-6 Fighting Irish team is favored in what is essentially another home game for the Rainbows. Granted, after Hawaii switched quarterbacks mid-season, they’ve played much better. However, they haven’t played a team with as much talent on the defensive side of the ball as Notre Dame has. The Irish are just simply a better team, even if the very overrated Charlie Weis is calling the plays today. Diner Prediction: Notre Dame 27, Hawaii 21.

Only 27 more to go!