Now Things Are Ramping Up…

It’s official! The Grinch-heart has broken the goofy heart x-ray machine and I’m amped about Christmas! Now all that’s left to do is shove the sleigh down to Who-Ville and carve the roast beast…It’s amazing what spending a day laughing/shopping (more of the former–we’re still going to be in scramble-mode to finish any significant shopping) with my smokin’ hot trophy wife, eating out with all my girls, and then coming home to card & board games (which, ordinarily, I detest board & card games…but with them it’s fun. We played, in order, Russian Rummy, LIFE, and Trouble–gotta love pop-o-matic!) in front of the fireplace will do to the Christmas spirit!

For future reference, the recipe for Grinch-heart inflation seems to be equal parts unproductive chaos with the masses, laughter of the young, and settling down with people you love with a dash of off-day.

Thanks to today’s Non Sequitur comic for expressing it better than I could.