Diner Bowl Predictions, Day 3

Yesterday’s record against the point spread: 0-1.
Bowl season record against the point spread: 4-1.

Poinsettia Bowl: T.C.U. vs. Boise State (+3): I’m trying to avoid a hometown bias because so much of the media here raves about the Horned Frogs…and many think they should be in the Big 12 over teams like Iowa State. But the bottom line of the deal is that the Frogs play SERIOUS defense. Meanwhile the nation thinks of the night when Boise State beat OU in a BCS game. Well, the Broncs aren’t as good as they were then and the TCU defense is better than the one OU threw out there that year. I think it’s meaningless that the Broncos are 12-0 this year and have never lost to a W.A.C. team since becoming a D-1 school, tonight’s the night both of those streaks end. The Frogs are better on defense than the Broncos are on offense. Diner Prediction: T.C.U. 28, Boise State 24

Only 28 more to go!