So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that Slumdog Millionaire was one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. In the theatre I saw it in, there was even a smattering of applause when the credits began to roll. Now I regret not joining in.
…that last night I was waiting in the warm car on my wife to claim her luggage and come to the car. I saw her come out of baggage claim in my rearview mirror and the thought that popped into my head was, “God, she’s beautiful.” I’m glad that is still happening.
…that not one episode of My Super Sweet Sixteen comes on without me thinking that I’d really like to smack that kid. This is immediately followed by correcting myself and thinking that I’d really like to smack those parents. Then I correct myself again and think that I’d really like to smack the kid and the parents.
…that my Lost and Found Christmas Album (think what it would sound like if the Violent Femmes played every truly great Christmas hymn) and my copy of Happy Christmas, Volume 1 (think of your favorite bands playing their favorite Christmas song in their style) which is out of print) get me going and pushed my Grinch-heart to +1 status yesterday. Everybody else that hears them can’t stand them.
…that I don’t know why I get into panic mode when I’m off to buy some Christmas stuff. I just say something vague, like, “I’ll be back in about an hour. I have to run some errands.” I *never* announce that I’m going to run errands and when the kids playfully ask, “Dad, gettin’ us some Christmas presents?” I respond like a little kid caught in a lie and look at my feet and then at some imaginary cobweb in the corner and say, “No, I’m just taking the power bill…no…umm…this…ummm…” and then it fades out into mumbling. Then I walk out.
…that one of my favorite things about Christmas is that the students I’ve served all these years manage to scrape together some time and visit with me personally, in one-on-one times or just a couple of ’em together. It’s a reminder that, at least with those kids (who will always be kids to me, even if I’ve performed their wedding ceremony), I did something right.
…that I want to let a certain activist Christian organization (and their minions who forward me their boycott e-mails) know a couple of things: First, boycotts don’t work. Second, I’ve never heard you mention love or compassion. Third, just because a certain soup company (think Andy Warhol) purchases advertising space in a magazine that caters to the homosexual community in no way means they’re “supporting the gay agenda” any more than when that same company uses NFL stars to promote their product means they’re “supporting the single-male-athlete community.” I’d say the same thing if they purchased an ad in a Christian magazine (say, Relevant) using a youth group saying they use that soup to feed the homeless because the homeless deserve quality–they wouldn’t be “supporting the Christian agenda.” Bottom line, Donald Wildmon: The only agenda Campbell’s soup is promoting is, well, SELLING SOUP TO MAKE MONEY.
…that Britney Spears might have some personal problems and all, but if you didn’t know who was singing and just heard the music, you’d think those were some pretty darn good dance-pop songs. It’s a shame, too…because she could’ve been HUGE instead of a punchline. I maintain Michael Jackson is in that category, too.
…that even if I don’t know what’s going to happen, when my wife, in the role of benevolent dictator, declares “family night” (meaning no one can make any plans otherwise) I look forward to it.
…that I’m kinda missing my Mom, Charlotte the Scar.
…that I hope my higher-order life-liver sister Jilly and barnstorming brother-in-law have a good flight with the stunning Margaux. Apparently, Miss M hasn’t yet taken to her parent’s love of flying.
…that I wish I could see a video of my partner-in-crime neice Kaitlyn in her hip-hop dance performance.
…that I need to go on with my day. I have some, ummm, well, errands to run. *looks at feet. looks at ceiling. walks out door without saying anything else.*