I Must Thrive On Chaos Because…

So, my smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wife gets a phone call last summer. A family friend we’ve known since she was 8 is getting married. In Portland. In December. Would Tracy be willing to travel to take the pics? The answer was an unequivocal “YES!”

I get phone calls all day yesterday about lots of snow & ice & blizzard conditions. I’m kind of excited about all this because I’m guessing my smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wife will get all these unique pictures that she can use for her business. You don’t see many brides & grooms hanging in snow in these parts.

Anyway, she’s not nearly as excited because she’s getting reports that the airport is closed to outbound planes until at least noon today. So, there’s a chance her 1:26PM flight will get out. Who knows?

It’s no real hassle to delay a day except for one thing: Yeah, we were planning on having all day tomorrow to make a big dent in the Christmas shopping for our little nuclear family. We covered all the out-of-staters already (the beauty of the internet) but we were really hoping that Monday would end it.

So, this little inconvenience put visions in my head of those Christmas movies where somebody’s trying to get home for Christmas with all sorts of travel delays in the mix which will lead to all sorts of hijinks. It has me gearing up for Christmas as I think about what we might do IF it gets cancelled or seriously delayed and laughing about a Planes, Trains & Automobiles kind of thing that COULD get haywire or whatever else. I mean, I see this IF kind of event, which (at worst) delays shopping a day, as possibly creating some really good Christmas memories.

You can consider the Grinch-heart (now at neutral, station zero) x-ray-machine-breaking launch sequence engaged…