Grinch Heart Growing At Least One Size

At the end of every semester our student ministry has communion.

We sit down and eat dinner together.

We teach through what communion is from Scripture…and even include how the early church made a few, ahem, errors in their celebration.

Then our students talk about the work of Christ in their lives. Everything from Him working in their family lives, to what He’s teaching them personally, to providing them with answers to prayer. There was talk about how they’re being sensitive to the work of God in the lives of their friends who don’t know Him. It’s a shame that we have time constraints.

Then we read through the Matthew account of the supper. We talk about focusing on the body of Christ. We focus on remembrance. We focus on hope…that our King is waiting until we are with Him until He drinks the fruit of the vine. It’s like history, only studying it forward.

And, as an act of worship in the process of eating the bread and drinking the grape juice…I had them write on the whiteboards in our student ministry room (it’s in three sections) “Something I’m Thankful For,” “Something I’m Trusting God For,” and a word Scripture uses to describe Him.


Here that is:

Click on it, blow it up and zoom in on it.

You won’t regret it.