The Office Christmas Party

Like many businesses & organizations, our staff has an office Christmas party every year. Ours tends to be more enjoyable than many because, well, Christmas is one of the very reasons our particular organization exists. Not to mention that our organization thrives on relationships and a “family” kind of feel. And, as an added bonus for me & mine, we’re in our 13th year of being a part of this family. Lot of life lived with these folks. Really kind of a “best of times, worst of times” deal.

I say all that to say that our yearly get-togethers are enjoyable parties and it’s nice to see pretty much all the staff together with their spouses in one place.

But that’s not what I want to talk about regarding the Christmas party thing.

Our celebrations have morphed over the years. There was a time when all our staff & spouses & our kids got together at the pastor’s house and pot-lucked it and we sat around and laughed and cut up. We kind of outgrew that as our church grew and we dropped the kids from the deal. Then we moved it to an afternoon luncheon…with spouses. Then we dropped the spouses from the afternoon luncheon. Then we decided to make it elders and deacons and their wives and had it catered. This year, we continued the FULL staff & wives/husbands but rolled with pot-luck because we’ve got lots of folks who like & are good with culinary arts.

I guess my favorite ones were the ones where we had an extended luncheon at a restaurant with just those that we worked with. Seemed like you could visit with everybody in that “non-work” way and we got the rest of the afternoon off. I like the way we did it last night, too, but the crowd is much larger and you don’t get to visit with everybody.

See, I realize that our organization’s Christmas party might not be the norm because of the nature of our work. And when I talk to folks who work for companies they tend to view their Christmas party as a necessary evil. Especially if it’s their SPOUSE’S necessary evil where they don’t know anybody well.

So, today’s little Diner poll is asking if you like the office Christmas party or not, should it be during work or after work (and why), and if it should be spouse included or not.

I really enjoy these little glimpses into YOUR worlds because mine tends to be the exception to most rules…