The Opinion Page Was Thought Provoking Today

We have the conversation, too. At some point, yearly, we talk about scaling back for Christmas. We get all Grinched up and talk about the commercialization of the holiday. The talk eventually fades and we get excited about the gifts we’re getting for various family members and the stocking stuffers and all that. Well, today, Dallas Morning News columnist Rod Dreher had a column about a Christmas he spent in Holland while in high school. Having spent some time in Holland and compared Christmas celebrations (a fascinating story about the bishop Sinterklaas coming over Spain with his helpers. It actually has some racist overtones, but nobody else seemed bothered by it, so I let it go, too) with their young people. They might be on to something.

For the last couple of years I’ve been intrigued by Imago Dei’s Advent Conspiracy and am considering getting our church involved in it next year…check the 2:30 video and lemme know your thoughts…

Another idea I’ve been intrigued by is the “third space.” You know. Not your home. Not your work. The place where you go to hang out. The 2nd article was by Gregory Rodriquez entitled Long Live the Corner Cafe. Apparently, all over the world, cafes & bars are in decline and the author says, “Coffeehouses, corner bars and restaurants free people from ‘the obligations of social roles and the styles and demeanor with which those roles must be played. Here, individuals may uncork that which other situations require them to bottle up.'” He’s highlighting a sociologist he previously quoted.

Funny, to hear the perspective of folks who aren’t involved in my Tribe.

Because…well…the function he’s claiming is being lost has been inherently fulfilled for over 2,000 years by folks of my ilk. The interesting thing about the comparision/contrast that I’m using, is that I’m finding that in the suburban American church many folks feel like that ability to “uncork” is being lost amidst slick programming, branding, marketing and scheduling.

Feel free to comment on either, man. I know it’s the slower pace of the weekend Diner crowd, but have at it!

*glad to move away from the last two days of college football chatter, pours coffee, pulls up chairs, smiles & waits on the patronage to “uncork.”*