Hey, Everybody, It’s Retrophisch’s Birthday Today!

Let’s all celebrate by…

…watching Star Wars and buying some toys in that genre. Some we will let our kids play with. Some are for investment purposes.
…doing everything required for a college degree EXCEPT the foreign language portion.
…getting our wives to line up hockey ticket connections for really good seats.
…looking over this month’s issue of About This Particular Macintosh to make sure we edited it well, and then doing the same thing for all the archives.
…supporting your local ROTC program.
…supporting any number of worthy causes.
…at least trying out every single restaurant in your community and being able to give good insight on all of them.
…having college kids over to our homes for Bible study every Monday.
…laughing infectiously at funny movies–even the previews.
…getting injured while trying to light your grill.
…being glad that you didn’t get your Riff-Raff Ordination revoked at a convened meeting of shareholders this morning.

Happy Birthday, Phisch!