It’s Christmas Time In The City

We all have our moments when it suddenly feels like Christmas, right? For some it’s when you get the stuff out of the attic. For others it’s when you put your ornaments on the tree. For others it might be the first snowfall. Or stockings being placed over the fireplace. Or shopping on Black Friday. Or seeing Santa at the end of the Thanksgiving Day parade. Or watching those first few Christmas movies. Whatever. We all have those moments.

Well, at the office we have the annual Hanging of the Cherub.

See, it started as a joke when we found this broken cherub among the Christmas decorations at our church. We started putting it in offices, drawers, break room freezers, wherever it might get a surprise laugh from an unsuspecting staffer.

Then one year, at the end of the work day, we hung him over Sherry’s desk. We knew she’d be in first the next morning and before she turned the lights on she’d have to notice the cherub because me and another pastor lit him gloriously with a small spotlight pilfered from the youth room. He’s been there ever since.

Each year since then, Sherry becomes the Panel of Judge on the Naughty/Nice list which will hang off one arm. We all somehow make the naughty list. Everybody that brings Sherry gifts or snacks makes the nice list.

And, each year since then, somebody will add something to the cherub. Steve-O added a diaper from the nursery so the cherub wouldn’t be potentially offensive. The next year, I think it was Nathan who added a baby booty from lost & found. Last year, Bill added the “bad dog” hat. This year, Farney added some candy lips.

So, in an effort to ramp up your Christmas spirit…

…allow me let you have an up-close look at what kicks off the Christmas season on our office hallway:

Kinda makes you want to cry like when Clark Griswald got enrolled in the Jelly-of-the-Month Club instead of getting his bonus check, doesn’t it?