Anne Hathaway…

…in Rachel Getting Married was brilliant.

It’s one of those movies that starts out in a trendy movie festival in the mountains or in a big city where the areas are designated by combining street names to identify the locale or they give some sort of gold leaf for winning. Then it shows in theatre houses designed to show movies that win awards at trendy movie festivals. If said movie has a chance to make money, somebody buys it and sends it to major theatre chains that use the chain’s name and then “select” after it.

That’s usually when I see them.

That usually means that the movie doesn’t resolve nicely, if at all. Nothing explodes. Matthew McConaughey or Kate Hudson usually aren’t involved. Few take off their clothes, and if they do, it usually involves a bath. Sometimes, they end with the word “fin.”

Anyway, this was one of those movies.

And it was good…but really heavy for an end-of-the-week evening. It was different. I’m pretty sure it won, or will win, a palm shaped trophy or whatever else if it hasn’t already.

But I can tell you this: If Anne Hathaway isn’t nominated for an Oscar this year for this performance, the system is screwed. It was, by far and away, the most impressive acting performance I’ve seen in 3 years and over 100 movies.