Buzzing About Something Else Other Than Politics…

In an article from folks I like at the Burnside Writer’s Collective entitled “What’s Wrong With Worship Music” written by Daniel Gibson, I found this little nugget…

“A large amount of worship music’s revenue stream comes from the music’s performance in church services, and to be successful in that arena, the music itself has to be relatively easy to sing and perform. The style of music, and how it fits within the economics of the music industry, works to stifle creativity. While it can be argued that the nature of attaching a price tag to creativity works to suppress artistic creation, worship music has the deck stacked against in a uniquely oppressive way. While David Crowder gamely mixes up the palette of sounds somewhat on his records, there’s only so far the boundaries can be pushed, and it would seem venturing too far outside the cozy confines of the basic guitar chord chart would leave a composer aspiring for greatness quickly looking for a new line of work.

Christians are capable of creating great art, even within the pop music medium [I will fight to the death defending Amy Grant’s Lead Me On], but unfortunately for both the artist and the listener, the worship music industry seems like it will have to be content with evoking something transcendent in its subject matter, but not in its aesthetics.”


Let’s talk about something other than politics today, kids.

And FOOTBALL tomorrow!