Standard Greed

I noticed the little clock icon on the front page of the newspaper today…that reminder that we’ll be moving our clocks back one hour this evening. Well, technically, tomorrow morning. I new this was going on. It was in the memory bank. The little icon reminded me.

My first thought was, “Cool. Extra hour, man.” Largely because yesterday felt so rushed. I mean, I had a lot of stuff to do and was on the go all day. Certain office stuff to get done before the noon Friday deadline to give anything to administrative staff. Answering questions about what stays and what goes in the big student ministry office cleanup that some moms were orchestrating. Pick up kid2 on lunch hour & get her home. Zip by the bank to get some cash, too. Back to the office. Spent some time visiting with one of our missionaries in town for our conference. Checked on the computer install for the new staffer. Set up the room for Sunday while I was waiting…

…get to the local rivalry football game. Grab some food on the go.

Watch the rivalry football game (which was incredibly exciting, going into overtime).

Got home late…went to bed late.

So, seeing that little icon made me go, “Cool. Extra hour, man.”

And then I got greedy.

I was reminded of that Onion article (watch the language, kids, as I’ve replaced one word here with ‘stuff.’) I refer to with the headline, “Clinton Calls For National Week Off To Get National [Stuff] Together.”

Loaded with quotes like…

“I just want to take a whole day to do nothing but go at that stack. Then there’s all that crap piling up on the Oval Office floor. I’ve got to do something about those boxes.”

Clinton said that other [stuff] would be targeted in subsequent days. “I still have to call back that FCC guy—he’s left a load of messages about that whole TV ratings deal. And the Army’s been hassling me for months about getting them some new bombers. Plus, I owe Mexico like a billion dollars.”

“I am certain,” Clinton told the American people during the radio address, “that you, too, have a great deal of [stuff] piling up. Now more than ever, we, as a nation and a people, need this time off to finally deal with all the [stuff] we’ve let slide.”

So, I’ve decided that I want more than an hour.

I want that week, man.

Now, more than ever, we, as a nation and a people, need this time off…

…don’t we?