10 Things I’d Like To Do Today…

…hit a baseball like 1987’s Bo Jackson or throw a fastball like 1973’s Nolan Ryan, and hear the crack of the bat or the pop of the mitt.
…experience what Douglas Coupland did when he got his first copy of Generation X from the publisher.
…be there for the original screening of a movie as innovative as The Matrix and look at the other filmmakers and just know you’ve got brilliance.
…set the guitar in the stand after I just played the guitar like any-year Eddie Van Halen.
…discover what feelings you have coming home from a show where you KNEW you were in on the ground floor of a scene like 1976 CBGB’s, or 1988 Seattle.
…know what it’s like to leave a public venue after listening, in person, to a great orator, like Martin Luther King, Jr.
…work on the team of writers of a truly genius television show like Arrested Development and wonder what goes through your brain on your way to work every day.
…stand on the top of a mountain that I just climbed. Not necessarily Everest or anything like that. Just a relatively demanding kind of day hike & overnight camp.
…experience what a master chef does when the restaurant’s open and waiting lists are six months long, knowing that you’ve created a menu that actually makes people’s lives a bit more enjoyable.
…be a part of an upstart business that hits it big and toast the champagne with your close friends who started it all the night after the big boys bought you out and everybody’s hard work pays off in spades.


…I’ll probably just go to work.