So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that sports talk radio is infinitely more fun with the Cowboys & Stars tanking. I have no idea why schadenfreude happens.
…AC/DC is having their new CD released as a Wal-Mart exclusive? Suffice to say that AC/DC’s public perception is decidedly different than when I was a teen.
…what I wouldn’t give to get out from under everything that owning cars brings.
…game 7’s in baseball are so great for fans.
…sometimes I think that people give lip-service to the Bible being the final authority in their lives and have no idea how their lives would revolutionize if they understood what they were saying.
…I realize I have a peculiar sense of humor, but I can’t stop laughing at Andy Samburg’s “Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals.
…ever notice how often doing the most loving thing is often the most difficult thing?
…it seems like I’m close to several people going to doctors and then having to wait on results. Waiting on results is the worst, even if things aren’t life-threatening or potentially life-threatening. If they are, it’s worse than the worst.
…I need to change out all the photos & bric-a-brak under my glass desktop.
…it’s kind of sad watching the children deal with neighbor Sam’s house. Sam had to move to a nursing home and there’s a lot of activity that you can tell has peculiar undertones.
…why do I bother to write things down on my calendar, but then trust my memory enough to keep from reading that calendar? Don’t tell me that an iPhone would fix it. I’ve ignored plenty of stuff like that in various electronic forms.
…it was a very pleasant surprise having the pierced & tattooed Kristen drop in on Friday. It was even funnier because I was chatting in another office and one of our staff jokingly informed me, “Brent, you’re needed in your office. There’s a hippie in your chair.” I didn’t bother to inform them that the correct term is “neo-hippie.”
…my family has figured out a nice warp & woof of activities & responsibilities. Now, if we could just figure out how to coordinate calendars in such a way that we’re in the same spot together more often. Of course, if I wrote it on my calendar, I wouldn’t check it, anyway.
…our church is having a missions conference and they printed up these “prayer maps” to help us better pray for the missionaries we support. I know a good idea when I see one, and that one is a good idea.
…I’m in process of cleaning out our youth ministry storage closet and it’s fun to give away old t-shirts and stuff like that. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure, judging from the response of our students last night.
…just when you think your dog couldn’t get any more spoiled & lazy, he proves you wrong. The funny thing is that it’s his very understanding that he’s trying to prove you wrong that makes him so endearing.
…that everybody telling me (and, not a day goes by that at least two people don’t make a reference to it) to take part in NaNoWriMo needs to understand that I’m not a fiction writer. I don’t fancy myself as much of a writer, anyway. What I do is more like literary projectile vomiting.
…that I’ve never told anybody about the advice I got from a seminary professor once that involved keeping a “blue file” in your office. A file full of encouraging notes people have written to you. Just save them. The advice was that whenever you begin to have feelings of doubt (or “feeling blue”) about your effectiveness in ministry, just pull out a note or two or three until you’re reminded that you are. Yesterday, I picked up my file–which, after 20 years of ministry has become a blue box that weighs about 5 pounds–and just that action erased my melancholy. Nice.
…that I can’t think of a presidential election in which Stavesacre’s lyrics have never been more true, “The lesser, of two evils, does such a creature still exist?”
…that I’m off to enjoy my day off since my Saturday of leisure turned out to be 180-degrees different than what I wrote on Saturday.