You Know…

…sometimes the very best blogs are the ones you can’t write.

That you shouldn’t write.

That you won’t write.

Because I had conversations yesterday and events transpire that I believe would provoke and/or entertain and/or enlighten all The Diner patronage. But the reality is that none of them are bloggable…for a myriad of reasons.

I should’ve worn that shirt that says, “I’m Blogging All Of This” yesterday everywhere I went. That way the folks I encountered would’ve had warning and that’s that.

But instead, I wore my Social Distortion concert shirt.

Now, you guys’ll have to deal with the blog entries that never were and never can be. And, in the blogosphere, there’s not much worse than blogging about the mundane or trivial when you’d rather be blogging about somethin’ else.

So, you can mosey along. Keep it moving, folks. There’s nothing to see here. That’s right. Just keep in moving. Nothing to see here.