Proud Uncle Alert

Just letting you all get updated on my niece on my sister-in-law’s side & partner-in-crime Katelyn (my smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wife took this one).

Oh, and Aunt Jodie, any photo you’ve got on my nephew in a football uniform…yeah…that’d be great.

As well as my niece on my sister’s side, the higher-order barnstorming Margaux, who is now walking, folks.

Oh, yeah. And in another turn of events, I’m proud to let all of you know that my higher order life-liver sister Jilly and barnstorming brother-in-law Shane are expecting another member of the Proud Uncle Alert club…likely in late April of 2009:

I thought the patrons might like this one to start the day rather than my bleak attempts at linking the punk rock movement and the current state of the American church…