A Milestone And An Announcement

The post below was number 2,500.

That’s a lot of posts. A lot of topics. A lot of coffee. A lot of energy poured into it. A lot of community developed. A lot of words, man. A lot of a lot of things (insert your own adjective here).

It’s averaging out to more than a post every day since June 23, 2003. That’s 2,501 posts in 1,911 days for those of you keeping score.

And, it’s time for a little break. I know this is existential, but I just feel it, kids.

How little of a break?

That depends.

It’ll start with two weeks…

…and we’ll see if I have a seizure and fall over without the daily discipline of public writing. So, expect me back on October 1. And, don’t think for a second that it doesn’t bother me to be taking this break when I’m having the best football picks of my life (for the record, 21 wins, 8 losses, 1 push–are you freaking kidding me against the point spread?!) that I won’t have that little feature at the ready on your Friday mornings.

If I like going back to private journals, I may extend my little blog vacation longer…especially if I wind up writing for a book and focus my energies there with the extra energy.

So, I hope you understand that 2,500 seems like a nice place to take a little break and hang the “Gone Fishin'” sign out for a couple of weeks. And, don’t worry, I’ll still be lurking around on your blogs and such, commenting here and there. Sure, you’re welcome to hang out and such and chat amongst yourselves.

See you on the other side.

Godspeed, patrons!