Remote Controls

Remote controls can get misplaced in your home, right? Falls between the cushions. Maybe set on a counter. Slides underneath a coffee table. But you know it’s in the room or close, right?

Try finding one in a 60,000 square foot church. One in which no less than 4 different ministries use that very same remote control to run the DVD player. Each time, when training their staff to use our stuff, we tell them to put the remotes back in the basket in the sound booth.

Now, keep in mind that most machines have no buttons on them anymore and to pause, fast-forward, rewind, move menus, etc., you need that remote control.

So, imagine my surprise when I came to set a DVD and there were ZERO remote controls in the basket in the sound booth. I’ve got four different machines that will play our multimedia but can’t set said multimedia to where I need it set. Real nice.

And, that little suggestion about running it all from computer that you’re about to make? Yeah, it’s Windows based. Read: Prone to lock up in crucial moments if you’ve got different things running (which we always have).

The simplest solution, and lesson for today, kids, is simply to put things back where they belong after you use them.