Why The System Stinks

It’s obvious that U.S.C. will win the extremely weak Pac-10.

It’s obvious that the Big-10, well, ain’t so big, man. Michigan is way down, and Ohio State couldn’t stay within 4 TD’s of a championship caliber team.

And the rest of the nation seems to think that the Southeastern Conference is so good that nearly HALF of the conference in ranked in the TOP TEN in the nation. And, that’s with Georgia dropping AGAIN even though they won (bringing up, again, 2004 when the logic was, “The teams ranked #1 & #2 didn’t lose, so they can’t drop. Sorry, Auburn.”) to #3.

Now, here’s what will happen…

Georgia has to play Florida, Bama & Auburn.
LSU has to play Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Auburn.
Alabama plays Georigia, Tennessee on the road & Auburn.
Auburn’s got Bama and Tennessee on the road, Georgia at home.
Of course, the Gators have Florida and LSU.

Interestingly, the Gators have the inside track if they get by the Vols this weekend.

There’s just no way all those teams are going to be unbeaten…especially when the rest of the conference can rise up consistently and steal a win. Teams like Tennessee, Vandy, Arkansas, South Carolina, etc., all can go 4-4 in the conference.

So, the Big 12 will come down to two legitimate teams that have a shot: Oklahoma and Mizzou. The winner of that game will play U.S.C. for the national championship.

And neither will be the “best” team in the country over the course of the season.

The S.E.C. should just secede from the NCAA, declare their champion, and just let everybody else have at it.