So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that I like Sarah Palin. This is different than voting for the ticket she’s on, but what I’ve seen thus far, I like.
…that one local high school’s homecoming parade is tonight. According to the students, they can’t throw candy off the floats any more because the leadership is concerned about lawsuits. Maybe the town doesn’t want to do clean-up. I think any reason they won’t let the kids do that is silly.
…that the movie Death Race is aptly named. Much like Dumb & Dumber.
…that I’m looking forward to having the high schoolers back in my house on a consistent basis. I’m convinced this is one of the best ministry tools available to any youth minister.
…that it rained yesterday in my fair burg like I love it to rain: Steady, consistent rainfall with intermittent drizzle. Love love love it.
…that I blew a good teaching moment yesterday. Instead of showing my daughter how to change out wiper blades, I just did it. Only after she came walking out did I kick myself for doing something because it’s faster rather than what’s best for my kid.
…that the new iTunes update couldn’t be cooler if it tried. I spent about 30 minutes last night just getting album art for the DAYS of music I don’t have album art for.
…speaking of album art, I think with iTunes and small CD covers, album art is, well, a lost art.
…that the only people who bring up the supposed value of IBM/Windows over Mac are people whose livelihoods depend on it. Those PC vs. Mac commercials are correct, and Jerry Seinfeld can’t fix it.
…that my friend Baily has had these little pieces of gold on her blog (she just headed off to Auburn last month after her HS graduation): “if you just sit down and really think about grace and what it means in your life, it can be paralyzing.” And, “You can literally drive yourself crazy thinking of all the things you shouldnt do. And its frustrating and overwhelming and discouraging. So instead, I try to focus on what I should do, which is simply to know God and live for Him as He lives in me. It’s much easier to try to live for God than against the devil. And its a much more peaceful struggle.” This is why I dig this kid, in addition to her texting me from the student section at football games.
…that, along those lines, some former students’ adjustment to college life is harder than for others. Particularly those that don’t go somewhere where at least a handful of friends go.
…that you can get lost for an hour EASY on Facebook.
…that I kind of miss having a four-year-old around to read to at night. I don’t want one. But I wouldn’t mind borrowing one.
…that I’ve got a kid who commutes to downtown Dallas every day, and there was a major accident/fuel spill that has made all traffic north a parking lot and it’s taken her two hours to go 8 miles. I’m amazed that you can check up on the accident on web sites.
…that one of the best questions your daughter can ask you is, “Dad, are you free for lunch today?” I don’t care what Kid2’s motive might be, I’ll take it.
…that I really should get to work. I have a LOT to do today.