Writing Update

I’m glad I posted the first draft of what I’m working on. Really. I am.

But it’s going through a re-write. I’m not happy with it. It’s not writing, really. Like Truman Capote said of Kerouac, “it’s not writing, just typing.” There were some things I liked. But I missed a crucial point, folks. You didn’t see it, I don’t think. But I did.

So, good things came from that post of a few days ago.

A start to writing something.

A direction to go.

An accountability. I think it’s good to tell folks you’re doing something like this…or training for a marathon…or taking guitar lessons…or any hobby/pursuit that takes a while. This way, because they care about you to some degree, they’ll check up on you and see how it’s going.

An encouragement. I’ve discovered these last few days that the patronage wants to read more of what I wrote. Funny how they won’t comment publicly but they’ll come alongside and whisper out of the corner of their mouths. They’ll also e-mail stuff about “ministry” and “pressing on” and they’ll even text message little bits and pieces of advice/encouragement.

Some cool points at the Starbucks in Fort Worth where I overpay for coffee so I can loiter. Yesterday, I was scribbling some thoughts on the re-write in my journal during a brief splash of creativity. It was raining outside. I had my Fourbucks Machiato on the table next to me. A lady asks me what I’m scribbling so quickly about, and I mumbled something about some ideas for a book project I’m working on (“project” sounded a lot more task-oriented than “a jumbled array of ideas I’m trying to put in some semblance of order so I can try to publish something,” so I went with that). She responded, “Well, you certainly look like a writer.” Now, I don’t know what that means, exactly. I took it positively. Maybe they weren’t cool points at all but rather dork points, now that I think about it. Let just say I went from loitering to “hanging out with purpose” and accept whatever points those give you.

A head start on my Bible study for the junior and senior guys.

So, the writing’s a good thing thus far. I’ve started. I’m working at it. The process is frustratingly enjoyable in the best of ways.

We’ll see what the new re-write brings ASAP…

…and I’ll also keep up what made The Diner The Diner with random typing, too. It’s just a lot of my brain power is along the blank page these days.