Has It Really Been 17 Years?

Hey, Everybody!

It’s Kid1’s 17th birthday today! Let’s all celebrate by…

…hanging out with the art school kids.
…driving around without using air conditioning to save gas, and turning up the music as loud as you can.
…watching “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”
…trying to figure out what college we’re going to go to.
…going into your art studio room, cranking up the music, and then coming out four hours later with an amazing painting.
…reading Marie Claire magazine.
…baking apple pies, and leaving the kitchen a mess.
…text messaging someone with one hand while carrying on a conversation (complete with looking the other person in the eye) with someone else and not missing a beat in either.
…being incredibly loyal to our friends.
…making our parent’s lives easy by making wise choices & being responsible, while at the same time being hilariously immature in the best of ways.
…being a daughter parents don’t even have to try to be proud of.

Happy Birthday, Kelsey!