Ran Downstairs. Looked Under The Tree. And Santa Left Me A Big Box Of Student Ministry!

So, today, I’ve got a full slate of activity.

Student ministry activity on Sunday…

…which is warp-speed, man.

You gotta go to the Dungeon (affectionate nickname for the student ministry room, which is far from an apt description. If you’ve seen this room, well, it’s more like a 4,000 square feet of youth ministry goodness) and get the chairs & stuff set up. You gotta get the music going. You gotta turn on the video games. You gotta get the whiteboards loaded with area high school football scores. Then you gotta find a minute to slow down, pray and re-focus on what all that room prep is about.

Between services, you’ll do the pastoral thing and visit with your church family. Then, you have a lot of appointments. We’ve got baptisms tonight after the service. Funny, but paperwork is involved.

Then, you gotta review the notes for the high school Sunday School class. We’re studying Romans. No easy feat, either…because you want to use the time tonight to encourage the students as well as let them know how much they mean to you. It’s important because it’s your first time back in front of the high schoolers. They don’t know it yet, but in a lot of ways they’ll need what you bring to the table. You do know it already, that you’ll need what they bring to the table.

It’s how my Sundays went for the better part of 18.5 years. High adrenaline. Highly addicted to the rush.

And then there was a parenthetical break to help out our overall Christian Education program. Still kind of cool. Just a different kind of cool. Where deep thoughts and planning intersect. Where the benefits of structure are actually helpful. Certainly more linear in approach and supporting the teachers in the classrooms has benefits that are neat to see as well.

But I woke up at 4:30AM this morning like a kid at Christmas.

A student ministry Sunday is at hand. My first since the announcement that I was assuming the role & after two Sundays of vacation.

High adrenaline.

Addicted to the rush.

Ready to let it rip.

Game on.