So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that I think it’s funny that, yesterday, no less than 3 people asked me if The Diner would be doing the football picks as college football season opens this week.
…that David Sedaris is one of the funniest writers I’ve read. His new book caused me to laugh out loud in Starbucks while I was by myself.
…that I’m pretty happy for my friend Retrophisch and Mrs. Phisch and Little Phisch (although that moniker may have to change as there are now two little phisches). It was pretty cool to call him last night and have him talking in low-volume because he was holding his new son.
…I don’t know if it’s the reality that I was on vacation or what, but all I’ll remember from these Olympics are Michael Phelps and wondering why beach volleyball & synchronized diving are recognized sports.
…that somebody should tell Sheryl Crow that just because you can play a guitar doesn’t mean that you sound at all like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to political matters. She sounds like a college kid throwing out regurgitated ideas she heard from her professor.
…speaking of politics: I heard about three minutes from the national convention going on for the Democratic Party last night. I couldn’t hit “mute” fast enough. Keep in mind this had nothing to do with any affiliation on my part, but rather it came across as marketing and advertising. For two hours. Each night. I’ll do the same when it comes to the Republicans. Don’t worry.
…the baseball coach at my high school noted that you could tell the true nature of a Major League baseball team by how they do in the “dog days” of August. Well, the locals are 4-13 thus far in those dog days.
…that I had a good experience teaching Kid1 to drive a car, and Kid2 drove in our church parking lot yesterday. Thus far it appears I’ll have another positive experience. I wonder if that task is more difficult with boys.
…that, yes, I’ll be getting around to the parenting topic from the book I finished. Very soon. I need to get the book back to my friend!
…that listening to former students tell stories of spending their first week at college reminded me of how that process is wildly different for each kid. Some are taking to it like a duck to water and others are just trying to get their minds around all the changes.
…that the new school calendar in our community is okay by me, but I’ve heard lots of parents say it’s awful because even though the state mandated later start dates, the governing body for extracurricular activities didn’t and their summers were really just an excuse for their band leaders/coaches/etc. to work the kids harder.
…that, when you’re in public and talking on your cell phone, don’t act surprised when others are listening in on your conversation. And, if I happen to write what you say down on a napkin because I found it amusing/stupid/incredible, well, talk more privately. Sure, you can glare at me, but I’ll shrug my shoulders as if to say, “You said it in a public place loudly enough for everyone to hear it, ma’am.”
…when my wife goes to Sam’s Club we have lots of oversized boxes of cereal on top of our fridge and on counters and garage. It looks like we’re getting ready to have a gathering for hungry/thirsty people who’ll need a lot of paper towels.
…we got those energy saving light bulbs that’re supposed to last a long time. I thought I heard somewhere that you have to dispose of them differently than regular light bulbs, but I’m not sure. They reminded me of curly fries made of glass.
…that it’s time for me to get back to work. I’m actually WAY behind, which reminded me that you always work twice as hard the week before you leave for vacation as well as the week you return from vacation.