You Can Take The Girl Out Of The South, But You Can’t Take The Southern Out Of The Girl

For those of you that know my higher-order life-liver sister Jilly, you know that she is an excellent hostess. To those of us who don’t use dishes to avoid using the dishwasher and eat right off a tray, well, we just don’t think about the things true hostesses pick up on.

So, after they’d flown their one-year-old daughter on a four-hour small plane flight, gotten in at midnight the night before and come in from a couple weeks’ vacation (and all that entails upon arrival home), here’s the note that Jilly left us when we rolled in from Tom Petty. We had a 5:30AM go-time for our flight Sunday morning to get back to Big D.

Keep in mind this is VERBATIM and unedited:

“WELCOME BACK! Hope the concert was great…Someone named “Beck” called for Kelsey but Shane told him she had a boyfriend and told him to beat it.

The downstairs is set up for Brent & my laptop is on Shane’s desk if you need it. Brent’s alarm is set for 5AM, there is an ‘alarm/on off’ button at the top that turns it off. Kelsey’s is set for 4:45 and there is an ‘on/off’ button on the back.

The coffee maker is set up to go on automatically at 4:45am, and there are commuter mugs out in case you’ll want to keep your coffee for the drive, or regular mugs in the cabinet. Kelsey’s special milk is in the fridge for coffee and/or cereal. There are bagels and cereal next to the toaster, adn cream cheese and fruit is in the fridge. Help yourself in the morning. One of us will get up at around 5:20am to take you to the airport. Whichever one doesn’t get up says, ‘have a great trip, it was great seeing you, etc., etc.’

If you can, just be super quiet when you come in tonight and tomorrow when you’re showering (Kelsey, this will be easier for you). Margaux isn’t a super-light sleeper, so it should be fine.

See you in the morning!”


See, I don’t have that gift, man. I’m all, “My house is your house. Help yourself to whatever you can find and the sleeping bags are in the garage and just grab whatever pillow you can find.”

And I don’t think that has to do with teenagers, either. I think you’re either born hospitable or you aren’t. Sure, some folks (particularly those from below the Mason-Dixon Line) can go through some hospitable motions…but very few can pull stuff like this off so genuinely.

One more reason I think my sister is uber cool.