My Own Private Idaho Comes To A Close

The house where we stayed:

Kid2 & me caught having a chat in my natural habitat:

I really like this picture. The barnstorming brother-in-law, in this case boat-driving brother-in-law, and the stunning Margaux on the morning coffee cruise:

The higher-order life-liver sister Jilly in her natural habitat (the afternoon cocktail cruise):

The girls getting those last-minute reminders about how far they can go and staying together:

Margaux loved playing in her little pool in the afternoons when it warmed up:

The girls getting ready to jet ski:

Me, returning to the dock to let somebody else have a turn on the jet ski:

The higher-order life-living at it’s finest:

Uncle Brent & the stunning Margaux:

Finally, you remember me telling you about the sunset cruise. If you catch it just right, you get this:

photo courtesy: Chris Sentz


Let me tell you right up front, this might be the most underrated state in the union.