That Did Take Long

It was like rubbernecking at the scene of a car wreck.

The Texas Rangers baseball team got my full attention last night (see previous entry). Three-up, three-down in the top of the first.

Then our pitcher gave up 10 runs in the bottom half against Boston. That’s right. 10 runs. Two 3-run homers to the same guy…IN ONE INNING.

As most Texas Rangers fans know, you often go to the game hoping to see something you’ve never seen before. You don’t go to see the team trying to inch their way into the playoffs or anything like that. You pay attention because something fascinating might happen.

So, I decided to see if the Rangers had any heart. They had 8 more at-bats…maybe they could chip away at this thing.

Sure enough, they got 2 the next inning…but, true to form, gave the two runs right back.

Then it happened. An 8-run 5th inning cut the lead to 12-10…which they promptly gave two runs back.

Then a 5-run inning gave them the lead!

Then they added a run to it…and promptly gave that one back. It’s 16-15.

In the bottom of the 8th, Boston tied it up. 2-on, 2-out…and our pitcher gives up a 3-run homer over the famed Green Monster.

In the top of the 9th, we get a run and then the tying run comes to the plate, only to pop out meekly to 2nd base.

Turns out we have heart.

We just don’t have pitching.

And, after 4 hours of emotional ups & downs, I got to see a team score 17 runs and then lose that game.