Vacation Photo Log

Sorry about the quality of the photos…they were all taken with my camera phone which ain’t that great.

The smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wife doing what smokin’ hot shutterbug trophy wives do (with C&W Lovin’ Sister-in-Law Jodie in the background watching the family photo shoot):

The arcade had a Vegas feel to it as all the games kinda let you “gamble” to get more tickets to get more trinkets. This one was a video game of “Deal or No Deal” where you could turn 2 tickets into 200 tickets if you picked the correct case. Kelsey’s giving it a try here:

Me & my Partner In Crime Niece hamming it up on the toys before we raced the Go Karts for real:

The eastern view off our balcony:

A roadside stand for fruit, vegetables & boiled peanuts had an inflatable stork on the roof. How do you not get a photo of that little bit of randomness?

The western view off our balcony:

Waiting 45 minutes for dinner gave us time to goof off in shops around the restaurant. There were random gulf animals to get your photo with:

Seriously. This is an actual newspaper in Alabama: