The Drive & Karma

Kid1 suggested she’d like to drive some to alleviate her potential boredom during the 11-hour trip. So, we let her start.

Despite parental offering to take over the wheel, she failed to relinquish it. Gulf Shores to FloMo. Tracy read & napped a bit. I watched silly movies on the iPod & napped a bit. We came in and began the post-vacation tasks such as bill paying, unpacking/laundry/grocery store run…but those were done with the mindset that they had to be done in order to resume normalcy.

She still had the energy to go out with friends last night. I had just enough energy to watch a baseball game & eat delivered pizza.

I can say this: It’s nice to have that feature added to the family job assignment option list. I feel much better today because of it, so I’m glad she took one for the team!

The one drawback: That rule I instituted when they were little. That one where the driver picks the music? Yeah. That one. That can come back to haunt you in spades, man. Let’s just say that she can find every possible station in every possible city that features an “urban contemporary” playlist. You know what I felt? Like my mom probably felt during the punk rock/college alternative phases of my life…karma man. Karma.