Vacation, Day 5

One last set of observations:

I definitely don’t miss this.

There’s a little cottage industry around catching sand crabs at night. Stores sell nets, buckets & flashlights, and I can see why. Lots of people are on the beach with their little kids. Our family works the “catch & release” system after about 10 get in the bucket.

I don’t think a day’s gone by that we haven’t had a little afternoon shower. I like them. Of course, I’m usually watching from the balcony of our room with a lounge chair and good book in hand.

There are few meals I enjoy more than starting with an appetizer of seafood gumbo (when it’s done well–and seriously, more places do it poorly than you’d think) and a plate of fried shrimp (especially when the restaurant takes the time to trim the tails off). Last night, the perfect combination of both transpired. Shouts out to Doc’s Seafood & Oyster Bar in Orange Beach…small parking lot, odd entrance point & every other inconvenience was well worth it.

Thoughtful quote of the day from N.T. Wright: “In other words–to sum up where we’ve got so far–the work of salvation, in its full sense is (1) about whole human beings, not merely souls; (2) about he present, not simply the future; and (3) about what God does through us, not merely what God does in and for us. If we get this straight, we will rediscover the historic basis for the full-orbed mission of the church.”

Could the Rangers have a more inconsistent closer than C.J. Wilson? It’s either 3 strikeouts or three runs given up and you never know what you’re going to get. Last night, he gives up two runs and gets the win. Is there no on closing at AAA to give it a shot?

High tide didn’t bring the red flags with it today and the surf looks pretty serene.

Kid1 has had some insightful & transparent blogs in her last few entries with no comments. How about a little blog love for her?