Hey Everybody! It’s Barnstorming Brother-In-Law Shane’s Birthday Today!!!

Let’s all celebrate by…

…getting tickets to a concert by Pearl Jam (or, if that can’t happen, Eddie Vedder on solo tour) and going to the show.
…taking some time off and touring the world.
…when the traffic is bad on Oakland’s bridges, drive to your airplane hangar and just fly your plane to the airport where you work.
…get involved in a fantasy football league.
…go ahead and take him up on the offer when your friend Vince invites you to the pre-party, the party itself, and then the post-party.
…getting your brother to go in on it with you and buy your parents one of those 12-foot inflatable turkey/pilgrim deals for Thanksgiving, and then putting it in your parents’ yard knowing full well they can’t stand those things (which might be one of the first known Thanksgiving Day pranks ever–who does those?).
…doing a little Ali Shuffle when you knock your wife out in Wii boxing.
…trying to arrange the landscaping in your back yard to prevent your weenie dog from trying to attack the next door neighbors huge dog, and generally failing.
…majoring in finance and then use your degree sparingly as a professional, but being excited about telling folks you attended Santa Clara when Steve Nash was there.
…buying commemorative posters & keeping the ticket stubs to great rock & roll shows you’ve seen and then framing them.
…putting iBar on your iPod.
…choosing to have our wedding ceremony on a cliff that overlooks the Pacific.
…enhancing higher-order life-living.
…joining the Dads of Daughter Club, of which only the dads of exceptionally gifted & gorgeous daughters can apply (of course, gifted & gorgeous is subjective to each dad’s interpretation, so they’re all gifted & gorgeous…but Shane’s daughter is so obviously qualified that a blind guy with one eye can see it.).