Some Updates

…we got somebody to stay and keep Lloyd next week.
The Dark Knight was okay, but didn’t live up to the hype. On the other hand, Heath Ledger as The Joker lived up to every bit of hype.
…yesterday, I learned that cassette tapes generally don’t hold up well after 20 years. That little rectangular pad between the cassette and the tape, well, let’s just say the glue on that bad boy doesn’t exactly help the pad stay put in a lot of cases. The two most important ones it did & they got transferred, but The Smithereens didn’t fare so well. We’ll see if Elmer’s can solve the problem and get back to it.
…get this: The car went to the mechanic yesterday and said mechanic called & said the sound was not coming from the shocks/struts, but rather something very minor. He replaced two bolts and told me my car was ready and there’d be no charge. Sweet.