So, Today I’m Thinking…

…that it seems like many of my friends & co-workers have really sick relatives right now, and how much strain that puts on people. Living farther than a day’s drive adds to that strain.
…that strange things are afoot at the Circle K.
…that I can’t stand it when the car makes funny noises. Because then I have to let someone else tell me what’s up and I don’t have knowledge to determine whether he’s telling me what I need to spend or what maybe I should spend (usually these are two different things). Same for orthodontists & doctors & accountants & lawyers.
…that everyone I know has seen The Dark Knight. They give it rave reviews.
…that it’s becoming about that time: the Dallas Morning News sports page led off yesterday with a “pre-training camp” guide for the Dallas Cowboys. Camp opens Thursday, and there was everything I need to know about the ‘Boys training camp.
…that I need to tell those that don’t associate with teens all that much, when, in meetings, you bring up how we could send “an e-mail blast,” that most everyone under 30 thinks e-mail is now too slow.
…that I’m getting out my cool little machine today that will take a cassette tape and convert the music into a CD or Mp3. Stan Ridgway is the main reason. But I’m sure there’ll be one or two others.
…that it was nice to see how my graduating class of 1999 all came to a wedding not knowing many of the others had been invited and to watch them sit around a table and get caught up/reminisce reminded me of how nice it is to have a solid student ministry at your church.
…that it was funny to watch them be under control but remind the empty nesters that they might want to use their inside voice and slow down a bit with the beer/wine because the party still had a few hours to go. They had a theory that once parents didn’t have to be an example for their kids anymore that they went back to being who they were before they were parents. I’m going to field test this theory some more, but it has merit.
…that Auburn kicks off in 39 days. Yessssssss.
…that you can have around 40 channels of movie options from a free month-long promotion by the cable company and still not find one you really want to watch. Their little campaign might backfire.
…that our church’s music camp is this week and it’s pretty great to have your building with all the energy, color & motion that it brings with it.
…that we have some elderly neighbors who’ve recently been walking this Great Dane. I don’t know if they’re dog-sitting or if he’s their new pet, but man, that dog is huge. I seriously don’t know if the two of them could handle the leash if this dog decides to bolt. Lloyd barked at him this morning. I’d swear the Great Dane laughed a little.
…that on the news last night we saw a story about a builder who’s marketing for folks who used to buy in the suburbs who now prefer urban living. I don’t know why this was newsworthy yesterday, but I do know that urban/loft living appeals to me on about 100 levels. I’m fascinated by it for reasons I don’t fully understand.
…that the week before vacation is actually twice as hard. So’s the week you get back.
…that the students returning from the Juarez mission trip and giving their video & presentation is one of the coolest things our church does, and I wonder why everyone doesn’t come.
…that I need to get on with my day. I mean, I’ve got cassettes to convert, a car to get to the mechanic, and gotta find some time to see The Dark Knight.