It just dawned on me: I haven’t been anywhere since last October.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve done stuff. I’ve been to high school football games and seen lots of movies and nice dinners and all sorts of sporting events and been to cool restaurants and been invited to nice parties with good friends and been to weddings and hung out with nice people at my church and laughed and goofed off and been serious and read in my hammock and spent time with my daughters and napped with my dog and all that jazz. I’ve been one busy cat.

I simply haven’t been out of DFW in a long time.

And DFW is an excellent metropolis to be landlocked in.

But I’m beginning to think there’s a certain amount of homogeneity worming it’s way into my brain from seeing the same old stuff and sticking to the same routine (more or less, as my job allows a lot of diversity in my days, but it’s generally the same outline) and all that.

Sure, FloMo is trying to make it more interesting by having all these orange & white striped barrels everywhere and moving them around the front-end loaders and back-hoes and bulldozers as well as moving reflectors around on the roadway so I don’t get too comfortable with driving in the same lane every day.

But, outside of that, I think the familiarity needs to be broken up a bit.

I don’t know how folks did it a long time ago…you know, just live their entire lives within a 30-mile radius of where they were born. Or where a trip to NYC was a once-in-a-lifetime event. Maybe they just were content because they didn’t know what else was out there somewhere.

And, don’t worry…I’ll be hitting the wonderful beaches of Gulf Shores in a couple of weeks. I’ve got fun stuff going on in Idaho & San Francisco (where the word “contact high” may come into play as I’m at Golden Gate Park listening to the greatness of Tom Petty–after the previous night of Beck & Radiohead–with 40,000 of my closest California friends) at the end of August, too.

But do you find that you sometimes wake up & realize you just need a change of scenery, or am I kind of on an island with this one?