Something Every Auburn Fan Needs To Know

One afternoon I asked one of my daughters to name all four Beatles. She got 3. George stumped her. But there was a time that everyone with access to pop music would say “John, Paul, George & Ringo” because it just rolled off the tongue automatically. And if you heard those names, you knew who they were collectively as well. Yes, we’ve also had a daughter ask, “Who are the Beatles?” To wit, we went immediately to Target to invest in the next generation.

Well, I fear that the same thing is happening to another generation of Auburn football fans. See, in 1972 the Tigers weren’t supposed to be very good having graduated all their star players the year before. So, the coach, Ralph “Shug” Jordan (pronounced Jur-dun) decided to change the offense to a 4-yards-a-play running game and tenacious defense.

They won all their games but one.

Including beating #2 arch-rival Alabama by blocking two punts in the last 4 minutes and scoring TD’s on both of them to win 17-16.

This 8.5 minute documentary (sent to me by the Computer Genius Father-in-Law Murray) should be required viewing by every Auburn family once a year.

Wanna know why defense is always listed first every year in the media guide?
Wanna know why offensive lineman are prized possessions?
Wanna know why the Jordan-Hare Stadium crowd of over 87,000 will crank it up to 125db if the defense stops them of first down for a loss and stay on their feet until the other team punts?
Wanna know why AU has had a tailback drafted yearly for nearly 30 years?

Watch the video.

Don’t have 8.5 minutes?

Let the video load & then drag the play button until you see the words “Auburn vs. Alabama: December 2, 1972” on the screen (about 75% into the load bar). If you like football, you’ll be amazed (hehe) at what happens in the last 4 minutes of the game.

We can’t let the next generation of Tiger fans not know this stuff, folks. It will behoove you to be vigilant in this detail.