It Was 20 Years Ago Today…July 16, 1988. 1PM. Parkway Christian Fellowship Church, Birmingham, Alabama

Well, yeah.

We were kids. What did we know?

And, let’s just say that video technology has come a long way in two decades, okay?

But, here it is, man. And, you’ll note that there are appearances by Diner patrons higher-order life-liver Jilly (prior to any higher order life living), Hollywood (after our rooming at college for two great years), Smitty (having been there since we were eight), the pre-Shania sister-in-law Jodie and other subjects of blog entries (and, if you could read my journals from the years 1984–1987, well, let’s just say that a movie of those entries might make Animal House look like a serious film) Huff, Hughes, Jenks, TJ, and Plate.

Many of you might find this well worth 2 minutes of your time.

Oh, yeah.

Some of the years were tough.
Some of the years were so-so.
Some of the years were good.

Tracy, thank you for all the years. I’m glad that there are 20 of them to evaluate. You know, I’m really happy we did them all together…the good and the so-so and the bad.

And, well, we might’ve been kids…

…but at least I knew what I had, man. I knew it then.

I know it now.

And, here’s to at least 20 more…