The Guilty Pleasure Of The Pop Song

We all have them.

Those catchy little songs we enjoy and sing along with that get too much airplay and wind up selling millions of copies. Some come from “one-hit wonders” and others come from folks whose names we know and are American icons. But maybe they have a catchy chorus or a nice little hook and, for some reason, we can’t really come out and just say that we like that song to our friends because they’ll give us a hard time.

See, you can name some obscure band and get a bunch of cool points listening to groups nobody’s ever heard of singing some anti-government diatribe or telling everyone about the band that isn’t a bunch of posers. But for some reason the catchy little song that makes you happy is off-limits, unless of course the singer is inherently cool (like Gwen Stefani).

But today is our day of freedom, my friends.

We’re going to put those songs out there for discussion today, and I’ll offer the first three…

*stands up nervously in the circle of trust*
*says, “Hi, I’m Brent and I’m a pop-aholic.”*

*patrons energetically respond, “Hi, Brent!”*

I really do like…

“Black or White” by Michael Jackson. You can say what you want about the freakshow he’s become, but there was a time when he was called the King of Pop and folks meant it. A really great song.

“Get the Party Started” by Pink. She’s another one of those folks who can write a song you just can’t be sad around. Not to mention that she sounds like she really means it when she says she’s coming up so we should get this party started…and she just might beat you up if you don’t.

And, if you’re asking me, one of the best pop songs of all time gets my nod:

“MMMbop” by Hanson. Really. Has there ever been a better pop song?

And, just so I can maintain my street cred, I feel confident speaking for Dave Grohl and Eddie Vedder in that they’d both agree with my list…